What Do Future Leaders Look Like?

True leadership skills must be learned and practised before they become second nature. So what do future leaders look like and how can you help them to develop their skills? Some members of your team will be high performers but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they...

What is this “Dementia Tax”?

The Conservative Party Manifesto announcement and subsequent U-Turn on the requirement to pay for social care may have caused many voters to switch their allegiance in the June Election. Although this so-called “Dementia tax” is not strictly a tax, paying for social...

Public Speaking – Engage With Your Audience

One of the main differences between an average speaker and a good speaker is that a good speaker possesses the ability to engage with people and really capture their attention. Good speakers are aware of how to make a connection with their audience.

General Election 2015: Implications For Businesses

The results of the 2015 Election were a surprise to many, with the Conservatives securing a majority despite many forecasts and opinion polls predicting another hung parliament. What does the result mean for businesses in the UK, and how can you plan accordingly to ensure continued growth?

Free Data Conversions to Xero Until 31 March

Frustrated and ready for a change from Sage or Quickbooks? Looking to move to the cloud where you can access your data anytime, anywhere, from any device? Contact us now for free Xero data conversions.

Accountant Wanted

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