Changes to dividend taxation and the impact on company owners

How is dividend income taxed? The taxation of dividends changed on 6 April 2016, the Dividend Tax Credit was replaced by a new Dividend Allowance of £5,000 (to be reduced to £2,000 in April 2018). Dividend income that exceeds the Dividend Allowance threshold, will be...

Are you prepared for a costly tax investigation into your business?

Cracking down on tax avoidance has become a clear focus for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in recent years. And with the creation of 27 new HMRC taskforces for specific industry sectors, the chances of your business going through the process of a detailed tax investigation are higher than ever.

Why tech is not enough on its own

There are incredible benefits that software and cloud technology can bring to your business processes. Our Xero Trifecta business approach is founded on the cornerstones of cloud solutions, after all.

But the real power behind the Trifecta – and the software within it – is not really in the technology.

Having the latest tech always feels exciting. Whether it’s the Apple watch, new Bluetooth speakers, or a waterproof camera, even the process of purchasing it can cause you to feel that you’re already more effective.

But the greatest power comes from learning to use the technology.

Accounting: It’s not the way you know it anymore

Business planning, strategic thinking, financial management and tax planning – all in a day’s work at Tyrrell & Company.

Cloud accounting solutions like Xero and its Add-ons have changed the way that we can help you to manage your business more efficiently.

Tax planning: don’t pay a penny more in tax than you have to

An effective tax plan will ensure that you pay the right amount of tax and remain compliant with the latest HMRC rules and regulations.

Taking a progressive approach to your businesses tax spending should be an integral part of your wider strategic plan – find out more about our efficient tax planning sessions.