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What will your Xero Trifecta session include?

  • An online review of the Xero Trifecta (and what it means, anyway!)
  • A discussion around the areas of the Trifecta (and how they apply to your business)
  • Identification of which piece of the Trifecta is most crucial for your business success
  • Your key steps to implement this area and get better results, faster

Your Trifecta session will be held over Skype and will last approximately 30 minutes, and then you can decide what you want to do next.

Explore the Trifecta

The Xero Trifecta starts with Xero. But that’s just the beginning. Meet 3 great app integrations:

Save Time
A new approach to bookkeeping & data entry. Scan all your receipts and paperwork and Receipt Bank pulls the data straight into Xero, saving you hours in tedious data-entry.

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Get Control
Insightful reporting & financial intelligence. Spotlight opens your eyes to the detail in your key numbers. See clear ways of controlling your profits, performance and KPIs.

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Boost Cash
Chase debts & boost your company’s vital cash flow. Using our debt expertise, combined with the excellent Chaser Add-on, we’ll chase your outstanding invoices so you don’t have to.

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