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The profit pickpocket: bad debts

Chaser is a plug-in, or ‘Xero Add-on’, that integrates with your Xero online accounting software. We’ve invested in Chaser so that you have software to view, understand and manage your ageing debts ­– with the built-in tools to chase up customers and make sure your invoices get paid on time.

Here’s how Chaser runs after the Profit Pickpocketer – and in some cases, rugby-tackles him and wrestles him to the ground. And takes your money back, and your DSLR camera, and your business – and returns it to you with a smile.

Shining a Spotlight on your business dashboard

Having a great view of your business information is the key to better decision-making. But staring at a page of figures, or a complicated spreadsheet, isn’t always the best way to see the important insights and pull out the underlying truths relating to your your financial and business data.

For most business owners, it’s not a good way at all.

Although we appreciate a good spreadsheet at Tyrrell & Company, we appreciate that it’s far more helpful for you to see your key business numbers in a visual format.

Why tech is not enough on its own

There are incredible benefits that software and cloud technology can bring to your business processes. Our Xero Trifecta business approach is founded on the cornerstones of cloud solutions, after all.

But the real power behind the Trifecta – and the software within it – is not really in the technology.

Having the latest tech always feels exciting. Whether it’s the Apple watch, new Bluetooth speakers, or a waterproof camera, even the process of purchasing it can cause you to feel that you’re already more effective.

But the greatest power comes from learning to use the technology.

Where has your Sunday afternoon gone? Get it back!

Coping with the ever-growing pile of paperwork, and doing all that tedious keying-in of data is something that gets left at the bottom of your to-do list.

That’s why when the weekend rolls around you can often find business owners hunched over their laptop, catching up on their bookkeeping.

But there is an alternative. It’s all about automation – and it’s something our clients have begun using to get their weekends back.

The power of perception in profitability

Perception is everything when it comes to understanding your profit figures. The better your view of key profit information is the more informed you are about the underlying health of the company – and the better your decision-making will be for the future success of the business.

But are you getting the view of your profits that you need? Do you need more insight from your business reporting?


By combining the benefits of Xero online accounting software and the Spotlight Reporting plug-in you can get back control of your business information. These two solutions, in tandem, allow you to start drilling down into your data to find the really insightful nuggets of information about your profits.