How to build trust as a manager

  In order to manage an effective team of people you need to win their trust. If employees don’t have trust in their company and their managers, they can become disengaged. This can lead to high rates of staff turnover and those who stay are likely to be...

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Owning your personal development

  As a leader in your firm, you are focused on developing the people around you. But who is responsible for your own development? If you want to help your employees to grow and develop, you need to invest time in developing yourself, as a leader. In order to...

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What to do when a key team member leaves

  People move jobs more frequently these days. Here’s what to do when a key team member decides to move on. As talented employees grow and develop in their careers, it is inevitable that some will decide to branch out and move to another firm. Be supportive...

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5 ways you can create an employer brand

  The businesses that attract the best talent all have one thing in common - a great employer brand. All businesses have an employer brand - it's what your employees, customers, suppliers, peers, and potential employees say about your business. A strong employer...

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What is hybrid cloud technology?

  Many businesses are starting to realise that having all their data in the cloud may not be the best option. Due to cybersecurity concerns, many firms are migrating applications and data away from the public cloud in favour of a mix of on-premises and private...

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4 ways to scale up your business

  How do you scale up your business and take it to a new level? A scale-up business is any firm that is looking to grow in terms of market access, revenues, and the number of employees, adding value by identifying and realising new opportunities. Scale-up...

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Managing employees who have a side hustle

A recent study suggests that 25% of employees in the UK are running at least one business project alongside their day job. A side hustle is defined as a secondary business or job that brings in or has the potential to bring in extra income. It is particularly popular...

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