Project management software tools

If you are running various projects across your firm simultaneously, you may need some type of project management tool to help you to keep track of progress, manage emails, deadlines and so forth. Projects are a specific type of work. Every project has a start and end...

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Why mistakes are opportunities to learn

We can learn more from failure than success. According to Richard Branson, “One thing is certain in business. You and everyone around you will make mistakes.” If we are all spending time making mistakes, it makes sense to learn from them. Failure is a critical part of...

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High income child benefit charge and state pension

We recently looked at tax planning to minimise or eliminate the high-income child benefit to keep both husband and wife (or civil partners) looking after a child below the £50,000 threshold. Where the income of one of the individuals exceeds £60,000 such that the...

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Tax diary of main events (July)

2019 Dates What’s Due 1 July Corporation tax for year to 30/9/18 (unless pay quarterly) 5 July Last date for agreeing PAYE settlement agreements for 2018/19 employee benefits 5 July Deadline for agents and tenants to submit returns of rent paid to non-resident...

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Setting up a new hire for success

No one has a bigger impact on a new employee’s success than the manager who hired them. Here are some tips on how to set your new hires up to succeed. Investing time in onboarding brings new employees up to speed faster, which means they’re more quickly and...

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