The IHT annual exemption – use it or lose it!

Although not particularly generous at £3,000 per donor per annum if this annual IHT exemption is not used by 5 April it is lost, although it is possible to carry the allowance forward one year if unused. This means that if the annual allowance for 2017/18 was not used...

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How do you make a business more successful?

The Xero Trifecta explained PT. 2: Get Control It’s the question at the heart of every other business question. What’s the secret to a truly successful business. And though there are plenty of tips and hacks out there on the journey of success, it all starts with...

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Gifts of up to £50 to employees

From April 2016 new rules were introduced to allow employers to provide their directors and employees with certain "trivial" benefits in kind, tax-free. The new rules were brought in as a simplification measure so that certain benefits in kind do not now need to be...

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Gifts to charity

Where possible, higher rate taxpayers should "Gift Aid" any payments to charity to provide additional benefit to the charity and for the individual to obtain additional tax relief on the payment. For example, where an individual makes a £20 cash donation to charity,...

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