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Are digital banking platforms suitable for businesses?

  Digital banking platforms such as Starling Bank or Monzo have risen in popularity, but are they suitable for business use? Digital banks have built popular apps for personal users to manage their current accounts from their smartphones. The apps allow users to...

Never chase customers for payment again – automate your payment processes

Bad cash flow = bad news. And one of the biggest reasons for poor cash flow is customers not paying their invoices on time. So, how do you combat the potentially negative impact of outstanding invoices and get back in control of your payments and cash flow?

The key lies in some strategic use of technology, and a lot of thought about your internal processes and customer relationships.

Setting cash collection targets for your business

Having targets in place is a great way to motivate your finance team and give them a clear goal to aim for. Using the reporting capabilities of Xero, you can pull together numbers for the cash you collect from each customer on a monthly basis. And with these numbers in the bag, it’s easy to set achievable targets for future cash collection, based on the empirical data you already have in your accounts.

How to gently remind your customers to pay

It’s annoying when a customer doesn’t pay on time, especially if you’ve made your payment terms clear on the invoice and sent it to their finance team in plenty of time.

But there’s no point in taking out that frustration on the poor accounts payable clerk at the other end of the phone line. There’s an old adage in credit control that’s as true as it is effective:

‘Polite persistence pays!’

Shining a Spotlight on your business dashboard

Having a great view of your business information is the key to better decision-making. But staring at a page of figures, or a complicated spreadsheet, isn’t always the best way to see the important insights and pull out the underlying truths relating to your your financial and business data.

For most business owners, it’s not a good way at all.

Although we appreciate a good spreadsheet at Tyrrell & Company, we appreciate that it’s far more helpful for you to see your key business numbers in a visual format.

Where has your Sunday afternoon gone? Get it back!

Coping with the ever-growing pile of paperwork, and doing all that tedious keying-in of data is something that gets left at the bottom of your to-do list.

That’s why when the weekend rolls around you can often find business owners hunched over their laptop, catching up on their bookkeeping.

But there is an alternative. It’s all about automation – and it’s something our clients have begun using to get their weekends back.