Pensions auto enrolment: Act now to meet your staging date

There’s a pensions problem in the UK. People are living longer, greater numbers of people are becoming pensioners and there’s insufficient provision being made to take care of the UK’s ageing population in their retirement

Pensions auto enrolment is the Government’s response to this pension problem. By making it mandatory for all businesses to provide a suitable pension scheme for their employees, some of the burden will be taken off the state pension system.

But, in doing so, a new burden has been created: a burden for small business owners. It’s now your responsibility, as the director or owner of a UK business, to provide the right kind of pension scheme for your staff.

Back in March, we asked if your business was ready for auto enrolment. Eight months down the line, this question has an even greater urgency to it. If you’ve not yet chosen a scheme then you need to act now.

Pension plan

And to help you see the need for prompt action, we’ve outlined the process you’ll need to go through to meet your responsibilities and get your auto enrolment pension scheme up and running.

Managing your investments for the greatest wealth

Investment choices and the underlying business plans that go with them are the key to your future success, so it’s vital to seek professional advice or a second opinion.

Here, we examine some of the important questions to ask whilst considering these important decisions, so that you can achieve your aspirations and desired lifestyle.